Trial Victory in Civil Rico Case

We were hired by an international franchisor to conduct a trial, in federal court, in which our client was accused of using certain improper sales practices to persuade individuals to buy retail franchise businesses. In a 22-witness trial, lasting over two weeks, Richard Quadrino cross- examined and impeached the credibility of the plaintiff’s witnesses and their experts. The verdict rendered by the jury was completely in our client’s favor, and all fraud and racketeering charges were dismissed, both against our corporate client and its CEO.

There was a lot at stake: the Plaintiffs were seeking a multi-million dollar award, that could have been tripled under the Civil RICO law, and the Federal Trade Commission was pursuing our client and watching the trial that we conducted and would have used the results – if they had been negative – against our client and its CEO in its parallel investigation and litigation.

Our firm was hired shortly before the trial started, after the case had been litigated for nearly five years. In six weeks, we developed a comprehensive legal and trial strategy and entered the courtroom prepared for battle. Based upon the trial skills of Mr. Quadrino, the preparation of the trial team, and the legal strategies employed, we obtained a critically important victory for this major international franchisor.