Trial Victory For a Broker’s Commission in the Sale Of a Medieval Castle

An experience real estate broker in an upscale community was engaged to sell a home that was designed and built in the style of a European Castle. She showed the property to an interested buyer, and before she left town she made an agreement with her colleague in her office to share in the broker’s commission if the castle was sold to that buyer while she was out of town. The colleague consummated the deal, but the colleague and the brokerage office refused to pay our client any commission whatsoever.

Mr. Quadrino was hired to try the case before a judge, without a jury. Numerous witnesses were called and were cross examined by Mr. Quadrino regarding their lack of credibility and concerning a journal with tampered entries.

The lawyers for the brokerage firm also made contentions of law that were not correct. Mr. Quadrino fought hard on both the law and the facts and garnered and victory for the client, who was then paid her large portion of the commission for the sale of the castle.

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