Successful Shareholder Buyout Litigation Regarding Ownership in a Commercial Building

Our client was part owner in a commercial building and also a tenant in the building. Hotly disputed issues arose regarding our client’s financial interest in the building and landlord tenant proceedings were also commenced and being fought. The client was dissatisfied with the costs and conduct of the litigation and discharged his counsel and hired our firm.

After years of battle each side was highly emotional and the disputes were hotly contested. There were many accounting and financial issues and disputes concerning the value of the interests of the parties in the entity that owned the building. The co-owner landlord also accused our client of fraud. The parties, the judge, and all other lawyers previously involved believed that a trial was inevitable and that a settlement could not be achieved.

Mr. Quadrino disagreed. He pursued a mediation and conducted an 8-hour session and persuaded everyone that an equitable settlement could be reached. A very favorable financial settlement was obtained for our client and the fraud charges against him were dismissed.

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