Richard Quadrino Obtains Relief for an Entire Class of People with Denied Insurance Claims

When a large insurer cut a deal with the government to end a large ERISA class action, it left out in the cold thousands of additional people covered under insurance policies written by other insurers. However, since the insurer that engaged in the ERISA violations was handling all claims under these other insurance policies because they either bought the book of business or were under contract to do so, these victims also needed to be part of the solution and needed the same help as all of the other class action beneficiaries.

Rick brought a class action case separate from the main cluster of ERISA class cases, and pursued it in State Court. The thrust of the case was to obtain — for these additional thousands of victims — the same help that others received in the main ERISA class action.

While the fight was waged for a while, the insurer ultimately caved in and added the group of victims from Rick’s case to the global nationwide settlement, thus providing them with the same ERISA protections and re-evaluation of their denied claims as those in the main class action group.

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