Formation of Quadrino Law Group

Richard Quadrino, former Founding Partner of Quadrino Schwartz, is now CEO & Founder of Quadrino Law Group. The firm’s main office is in New York, located at 225 Broad Hollow Road, Melville, New York 11747.

Mr. Quadrino’s new contact information is: tel: 631-815-5800 and his corporate email address is:

Mr. Quadrino has forged new ground in the field of insurance law and obtained successes in class actions. He continues in that tradition with his new firm, Quadrino Law Group. The firm has affiliates across the country and works with national class action firms, all on behalf of medical providers across the United States.

Richard previously had his own firm, had been an associate in a national law firm, and conducted jury trials as a successful criminal prosecutor. For a full bio, visit the Attorneys pages of this site.

Here at QLG, we handle claims in an effort to obtain results and avoid litigation. But when a lawsuit is needed, the firm has a track record of unparalleled success. See the Results pages for the firm’s recent victories for its clients.

Through the use of federal law, the firm fights against claw backs by health plans, insurance companies, and their administrators. These same federal regulations are used by the firm in a technique to maximize its clients’ recovery of monies on unpaid health insurance claims.

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