Richard J. Quadrino

RIchard Quadrino | Health Insurance Attorney
Richard began his career as a prosecutor, shortly after graduating law school in 1985. He soon became known and respected as a tough — but fair — prosecutor. During his tenure, Richard’s rate of success in winning jury trials was unparalleled among his peers in the District Attorney’s office.

His next position was in private practice at a national law firm in New York. He handled large insurance coverage cases and was appointed as the team leader on a $1 billion case. Richard’s experience included conducting investigations and depositions across the country, as well as arguing motions in federal court.

Thereafter, Richard built his own practice and law firm over a 20-year period, achieving many successes in the field of insurance. He has traveled the country litigating cases and handling insurance claims in both state and federal courts. His practice has included consulting, claims management, investigations, litigation, trials, and appeals. Throughout this 20-year period, Richard developed and cultivated a successful history of using the federal ERISA law on insurance claims that are governed by ERISA.

One distinguishing aspect of Richard’s career has been his eagerness to challenge the status quo when the need for justice has required it. Through grit, creativity, and persistence, he has been instrumental in setting legal precedent in various courts, both at the trial and appellate level.

Today, as the CEO and Founder of Quadrino Law Group, Richard continues his work handling insurance claims and litigation across the United States, and litigating complex insurance coverage matters and class actions.

The firm is staffed with an in-house team, outside counsel, and a national network of affiliated firms, including class action counsel.

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