Quick Recovery For Chiropractor On Over $1 Million in Denied Claims

A chiropractor who was in litigation with a major health insurer was not only papered to death in his practice, he was being swamped in court by the health insurance company’s lawyers. The doctor’s practice had been nearly shut down, with over $1 million in claims being denied and all appeals were unsuccessful. He fired his counsel and hired Richard Quadrino to take over the case.

It was evident that the prior counsel was not familiar with decades of ERISA court decisions, the ERISA legal principles that were available, or the federal regulations that govern health plan claims. The lawyers for the health insurer had built a case for dismissal and the court had legal briefs on its desk that sought to toss the case out of court.

Richard Quadrino convinced the judge, however, that the entire lawsuit could be re-filed and that the legal claims against the insurer could be asserted under ERISA. Thus, the dismissal motion was avoided through the filing of a new ERISA lawsuit that postured the doctor’s claims in an entirely new and creative way.

Through discussions with the lawyers for the insurance company and the use of ERISA legal principles, QLG obtained a quick settlement, providing the doctor with a very substantial monetary sum and a resolution of all issues and claim problems between the doctor and the insurer, avoiding future claim denials and restoring the doctor’s cash flow from this critically important revenue source.

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