For an article entitled “Health Providers Press for ERISA Shield in Insurance Brawls”, Law360 contacted and interviewed Richard Quadrino for commentary. Law360 is a widely read publication among judges and partners in top law firms throughout the country.

Richard’s quotes related to the ever increasing “clawback” problem facing both large and small medical practices. Health plans and insurance companies are conducting post payment audits in which they demand to see medical records on claims that they previously (voluntarily) paid. These are not fraud investigations: they are simply insurer efforts to “change their mind” as to monies previously paid.

Needless to say, attempts to claw back hundreds of thousands of dollars causes tremendous upheaval in the life of a medical practice. Richard Quadrino and Quadrino Law Group, however, use ERISA’s many tools to address these situations.

Richard’s approach – centered upon his 21 years of ERISA experience, has been receiving validation nationwide, with clients ranging from large multi-disciplinary practice groups to smaller medical practices and chiropractic offices. The firm’s clients are provided with the opportunity to use ERISA in an effective manner when confronted with a post payment audit.

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