Insurance Claims & Litigation

Insurance claims and coverage disputes come in all shapes and sizes. Business insurance policies cover all types of risks that a business can face: a lawsuit against the company or its owners, a fire, property damage, or any number of unforseen events. Personal insurance policies cover risks to homes, liability for lawsuits, risks of death or disability, and all types of claims that a person can pursue under a privately purchased insurance policy.

Navigating this world, without legal representation, can be daunting. Insurance companies are very good at a few things when they want to resist claim payments or coverage:  (1) sowing the seeds of confusion, (2) making up their own rules that they pretend are controlling (but they aren’t), and (3) bullying.

You need not take it. You can act. You have leverage, you just need to know how to use it.

Our Insurance Claims & Litigation practice group has over 90 years of combined experience using state and federal insurance laws and regulations to the advantage of its clients. These tools are available in what we call the “claims management” process, meaning no lawsuit, but handling a claim on behalf of a client with letters, evidence submissions, and citations to legal precedent and laws. Often, this process can lead to success without a lawsuit ever being filed.

One of the things Richard Quadrino is known for is taking situations that are upside down and turning them “right side” up. Often, insurers threaten claimants in various ways, sometimes even threatening insurance fraud on a criminal level. Richard uses his background as a former criminal prosecutor to turn these situations around, resulting in halting such insurance fraud efforts and getting claims properly paid.

But if a lawsuit is needed, we have decades of experience and the track record to get the results that clients seek — in a cost-effective and efficient manner. If the case is sizeable enough, litigation may be the best option. And when that’s the game that’s required, you want and need litigation skill, trial experience, and knowledge as to how to use a court or a mediation to get you where you need to be.

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