Dismissal of Harassment Lawsuit

A successful real estate purchase was made by our client, for a valuable property, but another buyer, who lost out in the negotiations, thought that he could stop the sale and claim that he had a binding offer and agreement to buy the very same property. A lawsuit was filed with the intent of stopping the sale to our client, tying up the property in litigation, in order to gain leverage to have its offer formally accepted.

The other “buyer” did indeed have an agreement, in writing, but we knew that it was not binding and did not meet the legal requirements for a contract for the purchase of real estate. We also investigated and found out that the party signing the deal did not have full authority to do so.

When we made a motion to dismiss the case, the lawyers for the other side claimed that there would need to be extended proceedings, document discovery, depositions, and a trial. However, we submitted evidence that we knew could not be contradicted and that would form the basis for a dismissal. The other lawyer bet Mr. Quadrino that the case would not be dismissed. He lost the case – and the bet. And our client immediately went ahead with the purchase.

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