Complex | Business Litigation

When a complex business dispute cannot be resolved and a legal action is commenced, a law firm handling the case needs to have several core assets to provide a client with the best possible representation.

First, experience handling such matters, while important, is not the only consideration. Familiarity does not ensure success. Rather, a law firm should have a track record of sophistication, development of winning strategies, persistence in pursuit of claims and defenses, and a history of obtaining Results. In addition, a client wants to know that all work being performed is necessary to foster a result, and not wasteful or inefficient. Cost savings are a material factor in choosing a law firm. However, the lawyers’ hourly rates do not necessarily determine what the overall cost will be. Rather, costs are most often determined by how much time the lawyers spend, on what efforts, and how efficiently the matter can be moved forward toward a successful resolution.

Lastly, the law firm and its lawyers must have the special skills needed to take the case to trial – and win – in order to maintain a credible threat to obtain the best possible settlement for the client.

Richard Quadrino has over 30 years of litigation and trial experience, in both state and federal courts. Starting with his special training as a prosecutor and through his many years in practice, Mr. Quadrino has developed a record of trying and winning cases of various kinds and of varying complexity, before both juries and judges. He displays grit, tenacity, and integrity throughout the process. See the Complex | Business Litigation Results page of this site regarding a sample of matters that are part of his track record.

Our firm handles all aspects of complex and business disputes, ranging from negotiating settlements, conducting mediations, litigation, trials and appeals in various areas, such as:

• Partnership, LLC, and shareholder disputes, including disputes regarding control, break-ups, departures, dissolutions, and breach of fiduciary duties;
• Litigation of all varieties of business disputes;
• Fraud, in the context of business relations;
• Litigation of real estate matters;
• Franchisee | Franchisor Litigation;
• Litigation regarding breaches of contract;
• Litigation of unfair competition disputes; and
• Litigation of Civil Rico cases

Please contact us to discuss any business dispute, at any stage. We may be able to prevent the matter from going to court.

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