Becker's Hospital Review

Richard responded to Becker’s concern that its readership was not learning enough about how the federal ERISA law could be used advantageously by the revenue cycle folks. Becker’s is a national online publication serving hospital executives and personnel.

In the article, Richard explained: (1) how to use ERISA to block commercial health plan and insurer audits, (2) how to use ERISA to pursue payment on denied claims, and (3) how to improve a hospital’s health plan claims handling.

Richard focused upon ERISA’s use as a tool to obtain reimbursement to a hospital for their patient’s claims that are ERISA-governed. Because health insurers and health plan administrators are conducting an increasing amount of post-payment audits, the piece described the trends regarding clawbacks, commonly referred to as recoupment, and how Quadrino Law Group fights back to prevent recoupment.

The article also explains misconceptions about ERISA, such as whether it applies to insured group plans, and the more recent expansion of ERISA’s claims procedures under the Affordable Care Act. As the piece revealed, the governing federal claims regulations now cover government sponsored plans.

Mr. Quadrino is frequently interviewed and quoted in the media regarding post-payment recoupment, and he has written on the topic in many national magazines and has been published in various online sources.

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