One ERISA Letter Yields $1.6 Million in 2 Weeks

A group life insurance policy covering a corporate executive refused to pay his widow additional purchased life insurance in the sum of $1.6 million .  In addition, the insurance company refused to explain its decision.  Mr. Quadrino sent an extensive ERISA letter to the insurer explaining that the law requires them (as an ERISA “claims administrator”) to both explain its decision and turn over emails and all documents regarding its decision making process on the claim.

After receiving the letter, the insurance company turned over its internal emails.  One email showed that an employee of the insurance company wrote her boss explaining why the full amount of the life insurance claim should be paid.  Her supervisor emailed back:  “deny the claim”.  After the disclosure of this email exchange, the company paid the $1.6 million to the widow, right away.

Knowing the power of ERISA –and how and when to use it — was invaluable in this case.  Early intervention by experienced ERISA counsel avoided a lengthy and expensive lawsuit and obtained a fully successful result.

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