Richard J. Quadrino

Richard J. Quadrino is the CEO and founder of Quadrino Law Group.  For more than three decades, he has been a leader and innovator in the legal field.  In fighting for his clients, Richard has forged new ground, shaped aspects of the field of insurance law, and obtained results for clients throughout the country.

His class action work has caused changes in insurance industry practices and helped thousands of individuals and businesses in their quest to be treated fairly by the insurance industry. Quadrino Law Group continues in that tradition, with Richard and his team showing passion, grit and determination in taking on unlawful, unfair, and oppressive insurance industry conduct.  .  .  .  more

National Network of Affiliated Law Firms

Wherever a case or problem may be, Quadrino Law Group can help.  QLG collaborates with a network of firms, providing insurance claims management and litigation services, nationwide.  The strategy, tactics, and work on client matters are QLG driven, with assistance and input from some of the very best firms and practitioners in their states or regions.

Class action cases are also handled on a partnering basis, with Richard and his QLG team working with the finest members of large class action firms.  The firms selected to partner with QLG are geared toward prosecuting insurance industry cases to address and correct insurance company conduct that injures and affects QLG clients, such as medical providers who are working hard to provide valuable services to their patients.

Staff Attorneys And Of Counsel

QLG’s attorneys are seasoned and accomplished professionals with over 90 years of combined experience. These lawyers fit with the firm’s culture: client service, passion for the law, and a drive toward quality results.  Whether on staff or Of Counsel, these lawyers work with Richard and the firm’s staff to devise custom winning strategies for the firm’s clients.

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