$8 Million Bad Faith Settlement While Jury was Deliberating

When an insurance company pulled the plug on its payment to our client, a “bad faith” case was filed against the insurer.  Many states allow for such suits, in which money damages can be awarded beyond just the insurance policy proceeds, including punitive damages.

Along with co-counsel, Mr. Quadrino vigorously pursued the litigation, uncovering evidence of bad faith conduct on the part of the insurance company.  The insurer refused to settle the case and did not offer anything meaningful, however, and so the case went to trial.

At the trial, the conduct of the insurance company was exposed in front of the jury and the judge.  In addition, our client’s testimony was well received.  While the jury was deliberating, the judge strongly suggested to the insurance company that it settle the case.  An agreement of $8 million, including money for punitive damages and other consequential harm, including legal fess, was part of the deal.

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